Beautiful Website... But what can it do?

Friday, 14-March-2014

It seems that in the battle between website programmers and designers the designers are winning.
There are so many pretty websites out there that completely lack even the most basic functionality. Adding features like text message alerts, social media and eCommerce are not terribly difficult or expensive to add to a website but they do engage and keep your current and potential customers coming back for more!

Today's web surfers are more demanding than they were even three or four years ago. They expect interactivity, intuitive navigation, mobile friendly sites and much more. Web Design companies now have to take a more holistic approach to website development that not only looks at the aesthetics but also takes into account the user experience. This has been greatly assisted by browser-side coding such as JavaScript. This code allows elements on the page to be animated, deleted and manipulated in all sorts of ways that when used correctly can make a web page fun to use and super user friendly.

It is also important that a Web Design company is familiar with database management and at least one server-side coding language such as ColdFusion, ASP, Java or PHP. Databases and server based languages allow webpages to become web-applications that could do something as simple as sending an email or text message to credentialing the login information of a user and redirecting them to the protected back-end of your website. So when you're looking to hire a company to design either a new website or a re-design to your current site make sure that they are not only going to make you a glossy, shiny website but one that your current and potential customers will enjoy using as much as they enjoy looking at.

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